Mechanical Engineering Technology

Code: 7510201
Training level: University
Training form: Full-time 
(Issued in accordance with Decision No. 14 /QD-DHSD dated April 19, 2018 of the Rector of Sao Do University)
1. Knowledge
- Having general knowledge of the Basic Principles of Marxism - Lenin; Revolutionary Line of the Communist Party of Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh Thought and basic scientific knowledge for Mechanical Engineering Technology.
- Having knowledge of basic profession and mechanical engineering technology: Standards and principles for setting up and analyzing mechanical engineering drawings; calculating, designing and applying CAD / CAM / CAE-CNC technology in analyzing, designing machines and organizing production in mechanical enterprises.
- Preparing the process of processing technology in industrial production; capable of inspecting, monitoring and operating the production process.
2. Skills
- Applying knowledge of mathematics, basic knowledge, professional and specialized knowledge to design mechanical machines and equipment.
- Preparing technological process for manufacturing typical mechanical details. Applying CAD / CAM / CAE-CNC technology in analysis, design, machining programming and quality control of mechanical products.
- Exploiting and operating all-purpose machine tools, numerical control machine, Industrial Robot in the process of manufacturing, repairing and restoring machine parts.
- Collecting and processing information, analyzing the requirements in the process of designing, manufacturing and applying advanced technology solutions.
- Organizing, deploying, receiving and transferring technology.
- Applying appropriate soft skills in communication and working process; team work and community; integration of the new working environment.
- English or Chinese language ability reaching level 3/6 of language competency framework of Vietnam and Informatics technology training standard framework meets the requirements of the major. 
3. The level of autonomy and responsibility
- Having ability to set up working groups, planning, coordinating and promoting individual and collective intelligence in implementing projects in the field of Engineering Technology.
- Having ability to guide and supervise other people to perform tasks
- Having ability to make conclusions about professional issues, common business and some complex issues related to technology and engineering of Engineering Technology sector.
- Having a proper and industrious career motivation, being creative in work, having high sense of learning, applying new scientific and technical advances to production.
4. Position and ability to work after graduation
After graduation, students can take the position:
- Designing engineers at the designing rooms of mechanical manufacturing enterprises; technical work, quality management at engineering and technology departments of mechanical plants.
- Managing, directing and organizing production at mechanical enterprises.
- Researchers at mechanical research institutes and centers.
- Teaching, scientific researching in the field of mechanics at training institutions.
5. Training time and volume of knowledge
- Training time: 4 years
- Total knowledge of the course: 145 credits (excluding knowledge of National Defense Education, Physical Education, complementary knowledge)

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