Introduction of Sao Do universitys library and information centre

Library - Information Center was established in association with the development history of the University. It is a reliable, friendly address for staff, lecturers and students of the university to update new knowledge satisfying the needs of research, teaching, learning and reference.

Introduction of Sao Do universitys library and information centre

The library has a reading rooms located at 2 campuses:
  • Campus 1: Floor 01 - House A - Sao Do University - Number 12, Thai Hoc 2, Sao Do, Chi Linh Town, Hai Duong with 600 seats.
  • Campus 2: Floor 01 - House B - Km 78, Highway 37, Thai Hoc Ward , Chi Linh Town, Hai Duong with 200 seats.
1. Function
Management of library work. Organizing the storage and exploitation of information materials, books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and electronic documents for teaching, learning and researching

2. Task
Advising the board of management on the direction of organization and operation of the library, develop a long-term and short-term plan of the library.
Handling, sorting, storaging, preserving and managing library resources; building appropriate lookup system; establishing access networks and seeking information automatically; building the database.
Serving and guiding readers to exploit, search and use information resources and library services effectively .

3. Service:
  • Searching online
  • Reading in the reading room
  • Borrowing and renewing documents
  • Guiding to look up information
  • Providing learning materials and course syllabus
  • Finding information on request
  • Photocopying the document
  • Providing learning materials
4. Resources
Playing an important position in training, from the date of establishment until now, the Library - Information Center has always received the care of the board of management as well the help and collaboration of functional departments and . specialized faculties. The center has developed in many aspects such as documentary source, equipment and professional qualifications of the staff.
Currently the center has a quite diverse and rich documentary resources, including more than 64,500 copies of reference books, monographs, syllabus... These reference materials are in different scientific specialties such as: Electricity, Electronics; Mechanics; Automobile; Electronic communications; Information Technology; Garment Technology; Business Administration; Accounting; Finance; Foreign Language; Tourism ... and in different languages such as Vietnamese, English, French, Russian ... In addition, the center also has an electronic reading room equipped with networked computers, free wifi system for students to find materials for learning and Ilib 6.5 Software to maintain and improve the service quality of the library.

5. Development direction
Implementing strategies to diversify training programs, enhancing the research strength, improving the competitiveness with other domestic and foreign universities ... On the basis of investment from project sources and state budget, the university has developed the library as follows:
  • Continuing to invest in modern technical equipment, promoting the application of IT to develop libraries to the digital library model;
  • Diversifying information resources on the basis of document digitization, increasing investment in online books and databases;
  • Linking and sharing information resources between the university and other information agencies;
  • Expanding and developing information services in the library: providing remote information services, providing thematic information;
  • Continuing to improve the capacity of library staff to meet the library development requirements in the coming period.

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